Gene Splicing

A science fiction roleplaying game for the PC.

If you search the web it seems like there are many amateurs making computer roleplaying games these days. And like them, so have I.

About the Game

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It is 75 years into the future. The Space Security Agency has been created in an attempt to help monitor the ever increasing off- world activity. However many costly problems have plagued the development of this new agency. And now with many political groups calling for its termination the SSA's future has come into jeopardy.

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An alarm has been sounded at the Skycorp Research Facility located on the Moon Base. You have been called in to investigate. This may be just the opportunity needed to get the SSA into a positive light.

GENE SPLICING is a freeware science fiction roleplaying game for the PC. The system requirements are quite modest...


- 386/33mhz or greater
- VGA graphics card
- 2 megs ram if played in a DOS system (4 megs in Win95/98)
- 12 megs hard drive space
- DOS 5.0 or later or Windows95 or later
  A mouse and sound card are recommended

space carrier

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